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May 23, 2012

“Investors Still Have Options, Experts Say” by George Avalos, Costa Times   pdf

March 16, 2012
“Pin It” by Mike Byrnes, Financial Advisor magazine   pdf

January/February 2012
“Managing Client Expectations” by Alan S. Horowitz, Financial Planning Association’s Practice Management Solutions Magazine   pdf

November 8, 2011
“Conventional Financial Wisdom to Ignore” by Karen Haywood Queen, Fox Business   pdf

November 2, 2011
“October Stock Gains and Losses Underscore Volatility” by George Avalos, San Jose Mercury News   pdf

August 27, 2011
“Getting What You Pay For” by Anne C. Logue, Barron’s   pdf

August 21, 2011
“Five Money Tips for Every College Freshman” by Veronica Dagher,   pdf

July 28, 2011
“Weighing Means-Testing for Social Security” by Veronica Dagher, published on Dow Jones Factiva   pdf

October 26, 2009
“Protecting those Apple, Google and tech windfalls” by Brett Arends,, published on MarketWatch

September 15, 2009
Bruce Barton Elected to NAPFA’s West Region Board

April 16, 2009
“How is the CFA Designation Faring” Blog: Investoralist, Curator of Curious Minds

April 15, 2009
“The new rules for personal finances” by William J. Lynott, Ophthalmology Times

February 26, 2009
“You’ve Sold Your Stocks. Now What?” by Roy Furchgott, New York Times

February 15, 2009
“Fears of state taxes on advisory fees rise as economy falters” by Jed Horowitz, Investment News

December 30, 2008
“Investors use market plunge as tax strategy” by Pete Carey, San Jose Mercury News

October 24, 2008
Bruce Barton Interviewed by Tom Sinkovitz, NBC11 Bay Area News

October 14, 2008
“How you can save your 401K” by Tim Middleton, MSN Money

October 11, 2008
“Stocks’ Crash Tarnishes Plans for Workers’ Golden Years” by Denis C. Theriault, San Jose Mercury News

September 29, 2008
“Bruce Barton Elected to Region Board of National Association of Personal Financial Advisors”

September 28, 2008
“Industry feels spillover effect” by Jeff Benjamin, Investment News

September 17, 2008
“Advice for Retired Investors Coping with the Market Downturn”

George Kiriyama reporting, NBC11 Bay Area News

September 15, 2008
“Financial Advisors Calm Worried Clients” by Scott Duke Harris, San Jose Mercury News

October 11, 2006
“Tamarac Beefs Up Advisor System” by Neil Anderson, The Mutual Fund

September 6, 2006
“Financial Advisor Partners Help Tamarac Inc. Develop Family Account Enhancement for Premier Rebalancing Software”

July 1, 2006
“San Jose-Based Financial Advisor Calls for a Fiduciary Standard in Financial Services Industry: Bruce Barton, CFP® works with NAPFA to increase awareness of fiduciary standards”

January 19, 2006
“Local Financial Advisor joins Leading National Organization (NAPFA)”