Charitable Foundations: Flexibility and Control for High-Net-Worth Families

We occasionally receive questions about charitable foundations and when it makes sense to consider a foundation for giving. We will cover some of the key factors here. Read more


Donor-Advised Funds: An Important Tool for Your Charitable Planning

Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States—and for good reason.[1] Donor-advised funds are a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way of supporting the charities you care about. With their ability to accept complex assets such as private company stock, real estate and venture capital fund partnership interests, donor-advised funds are an important charitable planning tool for Silicon Valley. Read more

Leaving a Legacy: You Can Pass On More Than Money

At some point, you will probably begin to think about your legacy—about what you will pass on to future generations. Often one or both of the following circumstances may motivate your reflection: Read more