How do we serve our corporate and business clients? Simple. We research their goals. We offer cost-effective retirement plans. We provide a comprehensive menu of services. We track and evaluate investment performance on a regular basis. We’re friendly, helpful, and available. We make this complicated area as simple as possible. The list is endless. Just know this: We help build brighter financial futures through service excellence.

Advisory Services

Our retirement plan services include three main areas: investment management, sponsor advisory services, and plan participant services. The extent of our service depends on your circumstances, the features of the retirement plan, and the demographics of plan participants.

  • Investment management: Our services include preparing an investment policy statement, selecting investment options, selecting a participant default investment option, monitoring performance of investment options, developing model portfolios for participants who prefer to have their assets professionally managed, assisting in disclosures to participants, and regularly reporting on returns and risk.

  • Sponsor advisory services: We help you select and monitor your service providers (including us) and assist in meeting your fiduciary duties. We assist you in your duty to uncover the following: fees and expenses paid from plan assets, to whom the fees are paid, and whether the fees and expenses are reasonable for the services provided. We also meet with you at least annually (often more) to review investment performance, plan administration, and fiduciary obligations.

  • Plan participant services: Our services include regular education and enrollment meetings (additional meetings can be requested) to provide participants with the information they need to manage their individual accounts. We meet both in group settings and individually to help participants reach their goals. Our experience in providing wealth management services and our in-depth knowledge of household finances increases the value of our participant education.

Investment Approach

In selecting investment options, we keep the participants’ needs in mind. Our goal is to offer approximately 20 mutual fund options for two reasons: That number is not too overwhelming for plan participants, and it allows for diversification into all major asset classes (e.g., large US stocks, small US stocks, international stocks, emerging markets stocks and bonds). We often also add the popular target-date mutual funds to our individual mutual fund options. From our selected mutual fund options, we build model portfolios for participants unfamiliar with investments and who prefer to select a complete, professionally designed portfolio.

In selecting specific investments, we prefer broadly diversified, passively managed investments such as index mutual funds. We work hard to limit investment expenses, which effectively increase investment returns and helps participants reach their retirement goals faster. When possible, we include alternative asset classes such as real estate in our investment options and model portfolios to increase return and provide for further diversification.

Fees and Compensation

Our fees are calculated based on a percentage of the market value of the retirement plan assets (i.e., the total value of all plan participant account values). As a strictly fee-only firm, we are not affiliated with any investment firm or insurance company. We do not sell commissioned products, nor do we receive commissions on product or platform recommendations or participate in revenue sharing on investment recommendations. Our fee-only compensation removes conflicts of interest and helps to ensure you and your plan participants receive impartial advice.

Fees are calculated and billed quarterly in arrears according to the following schedule.

Market Value of Plan Assets      Annual Fee

On the first $1 million                    0.75%
On the next $4 million                   0.50%
On amounts over $5 million           0.25%

For additional information on our qualifications, services and fees, please review our Form ADV Part 2A&B disclosure document.