Fees & Compensation

We Believe in the Power of Building Trust.

By providing expert advice on high-quality and cost-effective 401(k) retirement plans, we become a trusted ally of the businesses we serve. When it comes to compensation, our fees are calculated based on a percentage of the market value of the plan assets (i.e., the total value of all plan participant account values). As a strictly fee-only firm, we are not affiliated with any investment firm or insurance company. We do not sell commissioned products nor do we receive commissions on product or platform sales or recommendations. Our fee-only compensation removes conflicts of interest and helps to ensure you and your plan participants receive impartial advice.

Fees are calculated and billed quarterly in arrears according to the following schedule. All services are included for this amount.

Market Value of Plan AssetsAnnual Fee
On the first $1,000,0000.75%
On the next $4,000,0000.50%
On amounts over $5,000,0000.25%