Investment Approach

We Take No Shortcuts in the Pursuit of Excellence.

In the world of retirement investing, businesses understand the value of best-of-breed, cost-effective solutions that work to maximize return on investments and position participants for financial success.

In selecting investment options, we keep the participants’ needs in mind. Our goal is to offer approximately 20 mutual fund options for two reasons: that number is not too overwhelming for plan participants and it allows for diversification into all major asset classes (e.g., large US stocks, small US stocks, international stocks, emerging markets stocks and bonds). From our selected mutual fund options, we build model portfolios for participants not familiar with investments and who prefer to select a complete, professionally designed portfolio.

In selecting specific investments, we prefer broadly diversified, passively managed investments such as index mutual funds. We work hard to limit investment expenses, which effectively increase investment returns and helps participants reach their retirement goals faster. When possible, we include alternative asset classes such as real estate and commodities in our investment options and model portfolios to increase return and provide for further diversification.