Helping you answer the question
“Have I saved enough?”

As a new retiree, or someone who is approaching this milestone, you face a new situation and changing world: As Americans, we are living longer than ever, making retirements of 20-plus years increasingly common. This makes it more crucial than ever to build a retirement money supply that you won’t outlive. You should feel confident that you have saved enough that you will be comfortable throughout your retirement.

We will work one-on-one with you to help you not only survive retirement but to thrive in it. Our approach starts with your current situation, concerns, and goals. We then build a comprehensive plan that encompasses your entire financial picture in retirement, building on your objectives while addressing potential red flags.

We can help:

  • Craft a detailed plan for retirement that includes cash flow projections and a spending and savings plan
  • Build a custom investment portfolio that is integrated with your overall financial plan and changing risk needs in retirement
  • Implement strategies such as tax loss harvesting and asset location to minimize your tax burden
  • Guide you in important decisions such as when to start taking Social Security benefits or enroll in Medicare
  • Design an estate plan that helps you avoid probate costs and minimize taxes while protecting you and your heirs
  • Create a tax-efficient and effective charitable structures that help you create a legacy of philanthropy