Typical Clients

Our Clients Never Wonder If We Have Their Best Interest in Mind.

At Parkworth, we’re experts at building things like loyalty and long-term relationships. We believe fervently in providing extraordinary customer service. Over the years, our standards have helped us grow our business and expand our client base to include executives, engineers, scientists, physicians, attorneys, psychologists, executive recruiters, business owners, retirees, trustees, inheritance recipients and insurance beneficiaries.

Parkworth tailors each plan to suit your financial personality. For some, that means protecting their net worth; others seek high investment returns. For still others, it means leaving an estate to family members or a favorite charity. For all, it is a dedication to complete satisfaction.

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, over half our clients work in high technology and bioscience industries. We advise these clients to focus on maximizing the after-tax proceeds of equity compensation they receive in the form of stock options or restricted stock. Planning and investment issues include minimizing taxes on stock option exercise and sales, diversifying concentrated stock positions, maximizing benefit from executive deferred compensation plans, navigating regulatory restrictions on public-company insiders and the investment and risk considerations related to holding large amounts of a single, volatile company in an investment portfolio.

Physicians, attorneys, psychologists, consultants and executive recruiters often have ownership interests in their practices, with substantial portions of their personal assets held in illiquid entities. Tax complexities and intricacies surrounding their business ownership can significantly impact their overall financial picture. At Parkworth, we help professional clients focus on cash flow management, spending plans and putting assets to work growing long-term.

With advances in medicine and modern living conditions, we are leading increasingly long and healthy lives. Retirement periods of 20 or more years are becoming common. And gone is the notion that we plan to spend less in retirement. Retirees want to know that they will have sufficient resources to meet these needs. Parkworth provides advice on managing the intersection of current spending; investment performance and future planned giving.

Business Owners
For business owners, personal financial goals are often closely linked with those of the business. They often have significant net worth built up in their businesses, which can present a risk needing diversification. They also have significant discretion in the operation of their businesses and hence their financial situation. Profitable businesses generate excess cash that can be reinvested in the business or directed to other investment vehicles, such as securities or real estate, for greater diversification. We help business owners develop strategic financial plans to address these issues and assist with implementation, including qualified retirement plans.

Representative Clients

  • Biotech company vice president of business development
  • Emergency room physician
  • Networking company director of marketing
  • Medical device firm vice president of operations
  • Computer company senior software engineer
  • Security hardware company vice president human resources
  • Semiconductor company director of engineering
  • Retiree managing multiple investment portfolios as trustee
  • Trustee for financially independent parent with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Semiconductor senior reseach engineer
  • Recent life insurance beneficiary
  • Software company regional sales manager
  • Telecommunications chip company chief architect
  • Software company technical sales manager